My first REAL pain in the Butt

On the last day of classes in my senior year at UNC Chapel Hill, I was taken to the university hospital because of blood in my stool. Once there, they had me give them a sample of my stool.  As soon as I showed them the results, all hell broke loose.  It ended up that I had five pints of blood from 3:30 on a Mon. afternoon until 6:00am on Wed. when the Drs. were finally able to stem the blood flow from duodenal ulcers.  Before they released me at the end of 10 days in the hospital, they wanted to operate on my hemorrhoids.  I refused.

Two months later, I could not sleep, stand, sit or concentrate because of the constant pain in my Butt.  I went to a specialist, who told me my hemorrhoids were infected, prolapsed, inflamed and bleeding.  He strongly recommended that I go immediately to the hospital a couple of blocks from his office and tell them to prep me for an operation.  He would call the hospital to let them know I was coming.  I told him I would go the next day which made him caution me about possible consequences if I delayed.  I thanked him for the lesson but still left his office.  No knife in me until I think about options.

The next morning, I woke up without one iota of the problem.  So HELP me GOD!  I did nothing; yet they disappeared overnight. Not only overnight but for years to come.  I can’t explain it to this day.  I just enjoyed the freedom from hemorrhoids, no questions asked.  The only change in my habits consisted of looking at the results of my bowel movements: Looking for blood.  If the blood was dark, I knew I was in trouble; if it was red, then all was ok so I reasoned.

Second Round of a Pain in the Butt

Then came the day that I looked into the bowl and almost panicked.  It was bright red with blood but so much of it mixed in the water that I thought my life was over.  I could not get to the hospital fast enough.   I had internal hemorrhoids that could be fixed by putting rubber bands on them, was the diagnosis.  After a couple of days, there was no more problem.  I was surprised there was no pain but evidently, there are no nerve endings until the vessels reach the sphincter controlling the anus.  I certainly took vicarious pleasure in choking a “Pain in the A_ _” to death.  Life certainly would be easier if that solution could be universally applied to other problems.

Another Potential Problem with the Butt

Finally I discovered I was human after all.  I had a routine sigmoidiscopy.  My butt was tender and burning somewhat prior to the procedure.  The surgeon said I was developing what could be a real problem with external hemorrhoids. No choking these babies. For the second time in my life I was told that I must have an operation.  I told him to give me ten days to consider the matter.  He did not agree with my waiting as it was his opinion that it would be worse then.  Nonetheless, I was adamant.  Unfortunately, no hemorrhoid fairy appeared overnight as it had once before.

My granddaughter had a serious burn relieved with honey years before. See story on, it occurred to me that the hemorrhoid was inflamed much like the burn.  So I applied table honey to a homemade gauze pad, applied it to the strategic point in the crevice of the Gluteus Maximus and had blessed relief.  There was an immediate lessening of the irritation in that area.  I continued with the applications. Three days later, all evidence of hemorrhoids was GONE.

The tenth day I was back at the surgeons who assumed I was there to make arrangements for the operation.  I told him we would make arrangements after he examined my backside.  He said I saw them last week.  I said I do not make surgical decisions on old data.  He reluctantly reexamined me.  His first words: This is not the same behind I saw last week! (Yah it was.)  He said, What did you do?  I replied, nothing.  He said I must have done something.  I then asked him, how long had he been doing these types of cases?  18 yrs he replied.  What would he recommend that would give him these results.  Nothing that I know of or I would have been using them.  SO, I said I used Honey.  There was a long pause.  He is still behind me.  Another short pause.  Them you mean like honey from a bee.  YEP!  Slight giggle and he emphatically states,” I can’t tell my patients that!”

I said I didn’t care about that.  All I know is it works for me.  He said, it sure did.  You probably have the sweetest “A” in town. Come back if you ever have any other problems that I can help you with.

Continuing on with Life – No Butts about it

I tell you this story because since then, I have not had any serious bouts with hemorrhoids.  I have recommended this solution to hundreds of people many of whom came back to me thanking me for saving their “A”.  I know this is not a subject that many people like to discuss particularly in a humorous manner.  However that is my approach to life.  Make light of problems, it’ll save you from stressing out and open the door to alternative solutions.  Using honey on hemorrhoids changed my life.  I tell people about this story because it helps open up discussions of the problem suffered by millions.  Yet, it is embarrassing for people to talk about it even when it is causing much distress in their life.

Follow me, I’ll tell you the results of my research, my solutions, solutions on the market and why honey is the best you can use to avoid the knife for getting rid of a hemorrhoid problem.  Here’s to making mole hills out of mountains.

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1 Comment on The Fewer Problems with Your Derriere Makes Life Easier and You Merrier

  1. Satya says:

    Hi Greg,
    Does this honey has to be any specific kind of honey or can be any honey that one locally gets where ever one is from? e.g I am from India. I wanted to ask on how to do the application, how much quantity, for how long each application should last, how frequently it needs to be applied. I tried applying twice, but see no change at all. Thanks for your article and I am looking forward to reproduce the same effect that you had. Regards.