My first REAL pain in the Butt On the last day of classes in my senior year at UNC Chapel Hill, I was taken to the university hospital because of blood in my stool. Once there, they had me give them a sample of my stool.  As soon as I showed them the results, all hell broke loose.  It ended […]

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Greg Martin on January 14th, 2011

Reaching Fifty was a shock to me in that it was apparent I was in a rut and would remain there unless steps were taken to change it. Twenty years before, I had met Charles ‘Tremendous’ Jones personally at a recruiting function.  His teachings had changed my life from a functioning alcoholic to a Born Again Christian.  I […]

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Greg Martin on January 5th, 2011

During this season over the last thirty years, I have often thought of how God directly intervened in our family’s annual Christmas trip to my children’s maternal grandmother.  I dreaded this time of the year.  To me, it was an aggravation as we traveled some 400 miles one way.  I would load up the car […]

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