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Greg Martin - Rene Derme Founder

My initial experience with the power of honey to enable a person to be restored to a normal lifestyle occurred when my granddaughter burned the bottom of her foot on an ember from a charcoal grill.  The doctor gave her an ointment that was to be applied to the foot in a wrapping twice a day.

After five days she was still limping with the skin still looking angry, crusty and tender.  We visited her Great Grandmother and she insisted I put honey on it.  Reluctantly I did so.

The next morning, while changing the dressing, I was astonished. The foot was almost normal.  I then applied the honey without urging from the grandmother before my granddaughter went out to play.  Within an hour, she lost the limp and was walking normally.

Upon my return home, I consulted a physician friend of mine who is a trauma expert working in the emergency center of a local hospital.  He had served three years in Bangladesh as a missionary.  He said that was no surprise as he used honey for treating patients in Bangladesh. He said that if he could, he would use honey extensively in the emergency center as it was more effective than much of the pharmaceuticals.

I then began to research the properties of honey particularly for its medicinal qualities. The scientific research by many companies all over the world across the span of centuries is replete with the beneficial results in using honey.

The condition that I suffered from was hemorrhoids.  They were inflamed, infected and bleeding.  Because of my experience with my granddaughter and subsequent research, I declined an operation and tried honey.  Within three days the painful condition was completely gone.

So, I’ve been on a quest since then to find ways to use this healthy answer to skin issues. With my custom formulations, I’ve found these creams absorb into the skin as deep as the 7th layer and thus we can apply numerous herbs and medicinal essences under the skin, not just on it.

It is my privilege to offer you these valuable, amazing skin creams to assist in building healthy bodies.

Greg Martin, Founder

The Honey Factor & Rene Derme Skin Care Products

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